Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bookworms Anonymous, here I come!

If I were on a desert island and could only have three things: Books would be the VERY FIRST thing I would say. Without fail, I am a major bookworm. Just ask my husband, I will read while he watches TV (but not always). I read while I am cooking. I have to read at night to shut my brain down. It's relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I love books. I love reading.

It is one of my goals to impart this love of reading to my kids. Adam is a strong fluent reader. He will end up like me. Micaela is a bit anxious abour reading, but we are beating that anxiety back and she's becoming more confident. I am so pleased with her progress. I started the Reading Log (graph pictured above) at the start of our School Year. And Micaela had been so resistant. But now that she's seeing TANGIBLE hold-it-in-her-hands evidence of her hard work, I think the tide is turning.

One of the book series that I LOVE is the DK Eyewitness Series. I love their books (and this is NOT a paid endorsement, merely a product that I use personally). Their layouts, photography and information are fabulous! I was blessed by another homeschooling Mom who was cleaning out her cabinets and she GAVE ME FOR FREE dozens of books, many of which were DK Eyewitness Books! After I came home and checked all of the prices on Amazon, she saved me well over $200 in books. What a blessing!!

I promised myself (and the kids) that we would utilize Amazon's Marketplace of used books to add 1 or 2 to our collection each month. Well, today one of them arrived. It was #1 on my list:

Why Oil? Well, why not. It's THE issue that we, as a country are debating over, and as much as I think I know, I don't know enough. This book is amazing! And inside the cover, look what else it has:

a huge inside cover FULL of the other titles. This will help me pinpoint which ones to add to the WishList next. Of course, I'll be doing my best to locate these titles at area thrift stores but specific titles are hard to come by. This book even came with a POSTER (Adam loves posters....who knows? Maybe he'll be an engineer..)

This book is a wealth of information. Just wanted to share!


Berry Patch said...

Have you heard of Paperback Swap? It's a great way to get books for FREE - just pay media mail shipping. Check it out. I use it ALL the time for homeschooling (and for me). ;-)

SB said...

I adore PBS, but didn't even think to mention it. You're quick!!
I have saved about $250 this year using PBS. I got ALL of Adam's k12 additional books for FREE through them.


Jessica said...

WOW! that is AWESOME that you were able to get all of those great books like that. I have not seen these before so I will have to check them out! What a BLESSING!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a very intelligent boy. I'm sure he'll do well at whatever he chooses for a trade or profession. It looks like he has an awesome teacher.