Wednesday, September 17, 2008

dude, a movie review

1. It was pointed out today...(actually OVERHEARD) that women who are pushing 40 should NOT say "dude". It apparently makes them look stupid and desperate.

Ahem......I am a women nearing 40. (I think there's 50 days until my day!!) and I say "DUDE!!" all the time. I don't feel stupid and I am in no way desperate.

But maybe I should re-think the "dude" thing....

2. The movie last night, "Then she found me". I gave it a C+. It wasn't an awful movie. But I was bothered by several things:

* Matthew Broderick kissing anyone just doesn't work for me. Ever.
* Helen Hunt, God bless her, has not succumbed to the Botox needles in Hollywood. Bette Midler has. The fact that Bette plays her mother and has NO WRINKLES and Helen Hunt does is a bit unsettling. I think Helen Hunt looked old in this movie. But Amen sistah! for not going to the Botox route.
* Colin Firth appeared almost mentally ill in this movie. I love love LOVE him in "Pride & Prejudice", "Love Actually", God help me, even "What a Girl Wants" and of course, "Bridget Jones". But in this movie, he appears so fractured. I still watched it.
* Overall, I thought the movie was slow. I didn't know it was a book. I would have read the book instead.
* My husband is probably THRILLED to have missed this one.

Tonight's movie:
"Reign over me" of "The Machinist" both from my Netflix queue.
Or I could just watch my copy of "Love Actually". What's a girl to do?


Linda said...

that movie sounded like a dud.

have you seen P.S. I Love You yet? Good chick flick...recommended by my sister

SB said...

LOVED "P.S. I love you" It was such a tear jerker. I might watch that one again. Greg missed it the 1st time. I don't think Greg would be all broken hearted to miss it again.

Anonymous said...

ya know...I just totally forgot what I was going to

oh...never stop saying dude. Don't give them the satisfaction ;-) My mom is a 43 yr old teacher who says dude ALL THE TIME!! And her kids love her!!