Friday, September 19, 2008

Homeschool PE

One of the hurdles I had to cross was HOW to get accomplish PE for the kids' homeschool day. We ended up with swimming AND soccer. Both on Friday. In two different towns. Each requiring its own bag. But oh so worth it. Friday is a super long day for us: work on studies, then get to the pool, then race to Soccer, then crash at home. Adam was THRILLED to get some free time in the pool before lessons. And what did he do? A shout-out to his Dad who is on TDY. (In case you can't hear it or miss, he yells "Hi Dad!" and then swims away...) It's just a glimpse of what we do. They also exercise everyday with outdoor play and bike riding, but the swimming and soccer are very structured.


Jessica said...

That was CUTE! My brothers and I were little fish growing up. I think this was passed on to my kids cause I cannot seem to convince my kids to get out of the tub. Even when the water has gone cold they just love it! Kids and water are like socks & shoes or PB & Jelly. It just goes hand in hand!

Holly's Mom said...

Your video is awsome! I love taking Holly to the pool, but she has been sick off and on for several weeks since she started daycare, so we have not went for a while. Today we were planing on going agian, and alas, another cold.. Home-schooling starts looking better and better every day.