Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The hypocrisy of the Left astounds me.
They're all in an uproar over Bristol Palin's pregnancy.
If she decided to have abortion and kill her baby, they'd throw a parade.

God Bless Sarah Palin and her family. I don't envy the glare of media spotlight, nor the intrusion on their privacy. There will be those who said they "asked for it" by accepting. The Palin's are going through something that LOTS of families have been through. And instead of quietly, tearfully arranging an abortion, The Palin's are LIVING the pro-life values they hold dear.

Yes, it's less than perfect.
No, I am not agreeing with teenagers having babies, but is anyone at all aware of how differently they've treated Bristol Palin and say, "Zoey 101"'s Spears who at age 16 got pregnant?

I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Palin for supporting their daughter.
For standing beside her.
For being REAL.

That's as real as it gets folks.

Contrast that with Obama, who thinks a baby is a punishment.
Whose wife on the last day of the DNC said something akin to the fact her husband's administration would not take away a woman's right to decide WHEN they embrace the "sacred responsibility of motherhood." Motherhood IS sacred, but don't you dare tell me that the likes of Barack and Michelle Obama believes it.

Life is sacred.
And precious.
No matter how it comes along.

Look what my friend, Barbara over at MommyLife writes: (I cannot say it better)

Because being pro-life is more than a theory -
it's a way of life that honors and accepts the unexpected surprises

God bless and keep this lovely family
Thank you, God for giving us a TRUE pro-life candidate - one who doesn't see babies as punishments and one who is clearly attuned to your will.

For all the Obamas' talk of being just plain folks, this real life family puts every political family I've ever seen to shame.

Now help us to do our part - to follow the Palins' example of acceptance and love and to get to work securing true pro-life leadership for our country.

The choice could not be more clear - a presidential candidate who regards babies as punishment and who would allow babies outside the womb to die if that is the mother's desire - vs. a ticket representing adoption (McCain), acceptance of Down syndrome, and affirmation of the right to life even at a time when a baby would be inconvenient or embarrassing.

What a wonderful world this could be!

Now...no more politics for me for a while. I am concentrating on school and the laundry. And the hate mail I get for being a Conservative (But I don't mind....I am what I am!)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely applaud her for choosing to keep that baby, and her parents for supporting her. I would never applaud her decision to have an abortion.

But I think this is a great example of why teaching abstinence (as Ms. Palin would have everyone doing) isn't a successful strategy to combat teenage pregnancy in our country.

Life is sacred -- plenty of Democrats (this one included) believe that.

God Bless that baby, the Palins, and our entire country.

Suzanne said...

I don't mind either! Thanks for a great post, dear! :)

Scott B said...

Well said.

Berry Patch said...

Hear! Hear! No hate mail here! ;-) I couldn't have said it better if I had tried.

rennratt said...

I have only one comment regarding Bristol Palin's pregnancy:

If my mom's ability to get a job was based on my ability to respect her, follow her rules, and be a perfect teenager back in the day...

...my mother would have been unemployed.

That is all.

Adriana said...

"If she decided to have abortion and kill her baby, they'd throw a parade"
Ridiculous. I have never known one pro choice person who would throw a parade for an abortion. That's an absolutely ridiculous assumption and wrong. I've not met one pro choice person that thought abortions were something to celebrate.

SB said...

how about NARAL? Everything they do kind of feels like a parade to me. They promote and encourage abortion. In fact, look at their statement: "Sen. John McCain announced that his running mate is anti-choice Gov. Sarah Palin."

ANTI-choice? She's not anti. She's PRO-life.

But I am smart enough (and have been on both sides of this issue) to know that every one of us feels strongly about it.

Casdok said...

Well said!

Adriana said...

"ANTI-choice? She's not anti. She's PRO-life.

But I am smart enough (and have been on both sides of this issue) to know that every one of us feels strongly about it."

John McCain and Sarah Palin are against a woman's right to choose therefore they are against choice. Did you even read NARAL's about us section?
"You believe that women have the intelligence and thoughtfulness to make decisions about their health with their families, their physicians, and their faith. You believe that government and politicians should not interfere in our personal lives – and that people should be empowered to make the right decisions for themselves."

The beauty of us pro choice bleeding heart liberals is that we believe all women have the right to choose whatever they want for themselves. We're not women to have them or telling them need to have them, we believe they are smart enough to make their own choices whatever they may be. And we all know and hope that we can lessen abortions by education and contraceptives being readily available so that one day abortion would be unheard of. I will reiterate that I've never known a pro choice person who thinks abortion is a great thing. I also think making sweeping generalizations of liberals throwing parades is very sad because if I were to make a sweeping generalization about conservatives I would be jumped on. I'm pro choice but I don't believe in berating those who aren't and making generalizations about them. I will agree that we all feel strongly but should be respectful to each other, and with that I will leave you all.

SB said...


I did read NARAL's site. I respect your opinion. I just don't agree with it. But I post your comment because I do look and listen to both sides. My unfliching, unyielding stance on the abortion issue is based on my own personal experience.

I believe all life is sacred. I think abortion should only be done in cases of rape/incest or to save a mother's life.

I personally know of women who've engaged in multiple abortions as their contraceptive of choice. I know women personally who have had upwards of 10 abortions in their lives. Although it's not my place to judge them, I just want to protect life. The most delicate, dependent life of all: the unborn.

I respect your right to your opinion. I wish that more liberal minded women were as calm as you appear to be. There are rabid ones on both sides though, eh?

Adriana said...


I'm glad to see your comment. And it makes me happy that we can talk calmly and respectfully about this issue. I am glad to see that you at least could understand in rape/incest cases.
I do have to say that women who use abortion as contraception makes me ill and I would safely say makes other pro choicers ill as well. And that is me putting it nicely to tell the truth. I can't even comprehend multiple abortions like that. Really that makes my head hurt. I think we can both agree that situations like that are awful.
And yes I also agree that there are rabid ones on both sides which is very different than women like us who have very strong opinions but can remain respectful and that is a very good thing as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a McCain fan, but not an Obama fan either. I'm Pro-life (ALL life, even babies made out of incest or rape -- I believe a baby is a baby and deserves love and life). I did have a problem with Palin when I found out she went back to work after 3 days of giving birth to her Down syndrome baby -- that bothered me as a Mom. I'm all for bonding and caring for one's own baby, especially a baby with special needs (though every baby has special needs -- being a baby means you have special needs). And I had a problem with her 17 year old daughter getting pregnant.
This comment on your blog helped me see that a little differently:

"If my mom's ability to get a job was based on my ability to respect her, follow her rules, and be a perfect teenager back in the day...
...my mother would have been unemployed."

Do I think Palin's right for the job? Not sure. Do I think she can do anything to change the abortion laws in America if McCain is elected? No. That's wishful thinking, but not realistic thinking. In the past 3 decades we've had more years being led by Republicans in the Presidency than by Democrats, yet Roe v. Wade hasn't been overturned. So, really, how can a Pro-life Republican VP change things?

Thank you for letting me go on and on (glad you don't charge by the word!). I'd just like to say there are more than 2 sides to this. And, I'm so glad we can express our thoughts, consider the thoughts of others, and learn from each other on this blog. Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

A story:
One of millions I'm sure...
at age 15 my mother had me go on birth control, she didn't think I was capable of saying no to my boyfriend I guess. Good move you might say, by 17 I was pregnant(because we all miss a day with bc you know and if you don't think saying no is an option you just go for it) didn't know what to do,I felt very alone. Went to a clinic to have a pregnancy test which was positive, then they referred me to a counselor who worked for an organization called HELP. The counselor did not share alternatives to abortion like adoption or anything. As I look back she was a women with an agenda of her own, bitter about something wanting to advance the pro choice movement. She did help me make an appointment with an abortion clinic and was happy to drive me there and wait for me...I lay on that cold hard table had them suck the living tissue out of me. She was 3 months along and nursers commented how they could see "it" I was at the threshold of a different method. After that the counselor applauded me and told me now I was free to live my life the way I wanted and could have children when I was "ready". I went home and got drunk.

By the time I was 20 I still didn't know how to say no, didn't even know what abstinence was or that I had a choice. All I wanted was someone to love me and all I wanted was to have "fun".

So I was pregnant, this time I kept the baby, my beautiful son, but it was not easy I was a single immature mom, who went on welfare while trying to go to school. But this time I had the loving support of my parents, and they applauded my choice to keep the baby.

And here is my point when I had the abortion I didn't feel like I had a choice, I felt like I was in a shameful situation and there was only one way out. Even though the message was "you can get out of this situation and noone has to know, you don't have to face up to this" I still felt shameful and rightly so I had just taken the life of a person.

When I had my son even if I had given him up for adoption I would have had the satisfaction of knowing I gave life instead of took it, and I would have had loving support instead of secrets forever.

And my son by the way is a 22 year old virgin, a senior in college waiting for marriage. He loves God and people and is a joyful satisfied young man, who has learned self control and respects that most sacred of acts intended for the marriage bed.
sorry this got rather long.