Sunday, September 14, 2008

in my Sunday

grateful: that my mom, brother, niece AND FRIENDS are okay from Ike.

smiled: at my friend, Julie, who brings such joy to my day at church.

laughed: at these cartoons (still cannot embed a link, don't know why)

wishing: that my husband would have more than one day off before he leaves again for two more weeks.

thankful: that I am homeschooling my kids. I am learning sooo much about them.

planning: a nice steak dinner for the Mister for tonight. Micaela is INSISTING that he needs cookies, too. Who am I to argue?

lopsided: my daughter's pigtails.

need to: finish the laundry, clip the coupons and get tomorrow's lessons ready to go!

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kristen@nosmallthing said...

I liked this post Suzanne. Hope you had fun with your husband!