Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it IS well with my soul

The kids had started with their homeschool work.
They were happy with watching "Magic School Bus" during breakfast.

Our agenda today included:

Critical Thinking
Math Bingo (pictured below)
and a Field Trip (which I will show later on)

I had walked to the other room, to get a book. We were listening to WGTS 91.9 and Selah's "It is well with my soul" was on. (I love that song...) I play that station in the car frequently, while the kids are in the backseat. I never know how much they take in...but as I walked back into the room, Adam was quietly singing along. It made me momentarily weepy, thinking, "yep, it's getting through..."

Look at this: a formerly reluctant reader. I am soooo proud of her hard work. She gets to color in one block for every story, poem, or book that she reads. Micaela has fragile x and phonics make NO SENSE to her. Reading for her is sometimes a struggle, and she's worked very hard towards this goal.

And then there's Math Bingo. My kids LOVE Math Bingo. Any game, Math or not, that involves hollering is a good thing in our house. I laminated the sheets and we work on them every day. Hammering away at those basic math skills.

Homeschooling is going well. (Plus I am a lot more rested since Greg got home, so Mom is happier...)


Casdok said...

So lovely to hear that you are happier and its going well :)

Jessica said...

AWW! Isn't that the BEST feeling to see your own children learn and develop. It is just such a fulfilling experience. "It is Well With My Soul" is my mom's favorite song! Every time I hear it I think of her! Keep up the good work. You are a wonderful mom! HUGS!

ohhollyf said...

Your kids blessed me today w/ their interest in my baby, too cute they were. Thanks again for oganizing the Firehouse trip. What a great freebie, or not(taxes pd).
I'll be looking for the peppermint coffee:)

The Other Lion said...

I didn't realize she has FX! Where have I been? Anyway, that isn't the point. I love that this new plan is working for you. Everyone looks very happy and proud. Whoo-hoo!