Saturday, September 20, 2008

it's an odd Saturday

Today was Respite. I was BORED without my husband here. I am not saying he's here to entertain your truly, but he is fun to have around. Plus he drives.

I did hit most of the thrift stores and racked up some cute stuff. Look at this new plate I snagged for $0.25 I'll be bringing goodies to the Homeschooling Meetings on this baby!

I also rec'd this in the mail today. Remember me telling you about the DK Eyewitness Books? This is one of them. I am building us a library! This one is actually for Greg. He is interested in this stuff.

Did I ever tell you my kids are AFRAID of pickles? I must admit, I have threatened them with a pickle dinner a time or two....I must agree: pickles are gross.

Tomorrow we head to the Bluemont Fair! I love that fair!! If you're local, you'll see me there. I'll be shadowed by my three kiddos. Micaela, the Cotton Candy Addict, and Adam, who is hoping to rackle the Rock Wall again, and Jonathan, who will devour you if you stand still too long. And me? I am going for the KETTLE KORN!!

Enough about me, what's up with you guys?? Tell me something exciting!


rennratt said...

Just a concert in Raleigh last night.

Oh, and cleaning today.

That's pretty much it.

I LOVE the DK Science Kits! We buy them for Nooze at BJ's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry nothing exciting.

Middle boy is sick and in bed. Every 4 hours getting a breathing treatment. He thinks its grand though because it's unlimited TV time!!

Oldest boy has been assigned vacuuming and picking up the basement family room, office, playroom.

Littlest girl is "helping" by playing in her play kitchen and "cleaning" it up.

Me. I'm reading blogs and planning on sewing this afternoon. Found a new pattern for chenille pot holders. Made one on Thursday. They are sooo neat and EASY! And relatively quick. Thinking Christmas presents for some people.

Exciting I know :)

Peggy E.

Linda said...

Didn't have any excitement this weekend. Took the kids to Pillsbury Crossing to walk in the stream and stand on the edge of the waterfall. Got some neat pictures (NOT of the falls, but of nature!). And then we went to a craft fair in the hopes of finding the "Native Stone" sign maker so I could get an anniversary gift for Scott. No luck...will have to find them somewhere else...and soon.

Anonymous said...

I got to go watch the Chicago Cubs clinch their division this last weekend to give them a spot in the playoffs. It was a fantastic game to watch with 60,000 fans partying and dancing in the streets surrounding Wrigley Field Stadium after the game ended. The energy in the crowd was electrifying! Wish you could have been their.