Monday, September 08, 2008

it's so Monday

Had a nice weekend. Lots to tell but can't. Not because I am keeping secrets, but because I am having technical difficulties...My computer is running like a slug. I am NOT happy about this....

The kids are happily learning. They woke up, not pressured but READY to greet the day and the learning it offers. We're only a bit more organized this week. (Stacey, if you're looking at this, they're working on the blank map sheets you gave me! They're GREAT. I am so glad that my kids won't grow up to be the geographical moron that *I* am.....)

Lots of upheaval this week to come. Greg leaves on TDY for WEEKS. I hate when he's gone, but hey it's his job and I support that. It also means dozens of late nights, not being able to sleep and chick movies galore.

Now we're off to feed ducks after tackling Wal-Mart. I miss my Target. I have not shopped much lately. Trying not to shop AT ALL. Easier said than done.


Anonymous said...

You know Target misses you!

Jessica said...

That is AWESOME! I see you home school! I do as well! I was home schooled as a child also. It definitely has its challenges but it is so rewarding to watch your children learn. Plus moms just have a special & unique understanding of each and every child. It is so neat to see their differences in how they learn, write and create. It really is a JOY! Today the kids painted! I love their creativity!