Monday, September 29, 2008

just like the Newmans...

I didn't even blog about the death of Paul Newman.
I was too sad to write about it.
This man, a great man, was famous, handsome, rich, all of those things.
But when I looked at him, I saw Husband, Father, Philanthropist, A man who did Good Things.
And Joanne Woodward...can you get any classier?
I love that she was his 3rd wife.
(I am my husband's 3rd wife, and he is my 3rd husband....It took us both this long to get it right. Lots of mistakes, bad choices but we got it right!)

And one day, I'll be able to say "We were married for 50 years, just like the Newmans."

From all appearances, the Newmans love was every bit as electric and as genuine as it looked on-screen. They were married in a hasty Las Vegas ceremony straight after wrapping "The Long Hot Summer" in 1958. During their marriage, they had three daughters, one son (who died of a drug overdose), a dozen film collaborations and a sprawling philanthropical enterprise. And they stayed in love through it all.
When asked once if he would ever step out on his wife, he simply replied, "Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home?" (or something along those lines....)

I admire that so much.
God rest his soul, and I wish her widow comfort of knowing her husband watches over her.

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Kathy said...

Good Evening, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

The Newman's were an amazing couple. The business that they were in (show business) is a crazy business and to endure that together for all those years is truely amazing.

I thought I'd just pop over and check out your blog, it is very nice. I hope you come back for a visit some time. I already have yours marked so I can do the same.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and a great week.