Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Simple Woman

A meme totally lifted from Holly's blog. (She lives a town or two over and is a homeschool mom, too! And I LOVE her blog header..)

Outside My Window...our big backyard.
I am thinking...why won't teh laundry fold itself?
I am thankful for...being a Stay at Home-Homeschooling Momma!
From the kitchen...2 cups of tea await Micaela and I, a lil Mom & Daughter reading time.....
I am jean shorts, Teva's and a ratty shirt AND MY APRON!!.....
I am creating...great minds today!
I am Jonathan's school to drop off goodies.
I am reading...a stack of magazines and catalogs that I need to read and donate.
I am hoping...for a nice day.
I am children's laughter and my iTunes.
Around the on the floor..
One of my favorite things...when my husband kisses me good-bye in the morning, as I sleep.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: recycling drop off, library, possibly a museum trip into DC.....


Anonymous said...

I like this so much I think I'm going to lift it from your blog :)

Have a great week!!

ohhollyf said...

You did a great job. I swiped some of the London Broil u posted about, put it in Crock-pot like roast beef. So good, thanks !

Berry Patch said...

I do the weeky daybook as well. It's a fun reflection isn't it?