Friday, September 12, 2008

raising a Critical Thinker

I've made no secret of the fact that Adam will no doubt grow up MUCH smarter than me. My son's brain just works differently. He processes info in a way that amazes and baffles me. He thinks in puzzles. He's goal-compulsive, meaning he HAS TO finish a "thinking task". Case in point, I busted him sneaking downstairs to finish an online chess game that he'd started. He thinks logically (which he DID NOT get from yours truly). And he has GREAT spacial recognization ability (and a FX carrier, I just don't get at all..)

I am raising a Critical Thinker.
It's an adventure. And I want to do it right, so I am fostering those skills in him.

One of the books that I purchased at the Home School Convention was this:

Building Thinking Skills, Book 2: Critical Thinking Skills for Reading, Writing, Math, and Science
by Howard Black; Sandra Black (Author)

(I paid extra to get the book with the ANSWER key in it..)

He was shocked to see that his sister has some critical thinking skills, too. (you go girl!!) I recommend this book to everyone. It's worth what I paid, and then some. I just hope I can make it last all year. Adam would be happiest doing Science, Math and Critical Thinking all day, every day.

It's a book of worksheets and it's soooo cool. Can be reproduced for several students. These skills are helpful for every student.
It's for Grades 4-6...Adam is a 1st grader and he's lovin' this book. His endorsement statement: "it wakes up my brain!!"

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Anonymous said...

Your son sounds a lot like my oldest and he was a big fan of the perplexor books sold my They are logical puzzles using process of elimination, and the books are done by grade level. Lots of fun for him as an extra thing to do for homework, and excellent in a doctor's waiting room too! Mindware has lots of other critical thinking books and games. You might find some other items for him at that site to enrich his learning. Have fun!