Friday, September 19, 2008

stuff on a Friday

Glenn Beck Wins 2008 Marconi Award!!- My husband and I adore Glenn Beck. He's so funny, and gifted. And he's blessed and he says so all the time. His success came the hard way: by working for it. Glenn Beck is awesome!

the original BATMAN, Adam West, turns 80 today. I loved Batman as a kid. I let Adam watch some on YouTube and he likes it now, too. I keep telling him that the Original Batman, The original SpeedRacer are totally the way to go. If you're into that sort of thing...

did you know that Chuck Norris homeschools his twins? That rocks! (I didn't know his real name was Carlos...)

FINALLY got me a sticker for my car....They're hard to come by. I am pleased to see more McCain-Palin stickers around here lately. Another homeschooling Mom who was lucky to go to the recent rally snagged a stack of them! Thanks Kathy!!

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