Thursday, September 18, 2008

things in my day

I slept like a baby last night. Skipped the movie.
I am writing this as Adam is doing his reading. I get to hear the tales of Batman, beating some fiercesome foe. But hey, it's READING and that is what counts. I was sooooo proud of Micaela today. She did her Math without any complaints. I gave her a visual schedule today and it helped with her anxiety.

Speaking of my daughter, I was looking through the computer files today for one such clip art for her visual schedule and I re-discovered some old pictures of our family. Oh, how I howled with laughter. When she was a toddler, she invented The Bear Snake. It was a Bear that hissed at you. It roared very loudly, then hissed. For many months, Greg and I would walk around doing the Bear Snake. I saw these pictures and laughed, and then cried, then thanked God for the wonder that is my life. I am so blessed.

Wanna see what was in my In Box today? A lovely e-mail from King Arthur Flour (I need to write a long post about them, something wonderful...) Their photography in their ads is beyond fabulous. It's so sumptious, so decadent. Their photos are so good, you can literally taste them.

Now, I am off to deliver lunch and get our Math Bingo sheets laminated. The kids REALLY like math a lot better if you holler the word "bingo"....go figure!


ohhollyf said...

Sounds of fun, hissing and yelling, LOL

Jessica said...

My mouth is watering after seeing that picture. Those candied apples look absolutely decadent!