Monday, October 27, 2008

8 days left

If you're a McCain supporter, the polls can be depressing. That's why I don't really pay too much attention to them. The poll I care about is the one called ELECTION DAY.

Let the People speak.

I have been teaching the kids the bare basics about the election process, democracy, the President, etc....Tough stuff.

Of course, I am stealing everyone else's web content: on MommyLife, I saw this:

As a military wife, that photo REALLY makes me mad. This guy wants to be our Commander in Chief???? and he can show respect to Our Flag???? Makes my head explode.

More than 100 Reasons to vote against Obama

I swear I will find something else to talk about. I am boring myself now....I am not a political blog, I just feel like this is VERY important. But even I will be glad when it's all over. It's exhausting, watching the news, getting the real stories, etc...

I am off to Martin's with the J Man. Gonna make some coupon history!!


FXSmom said...

i saw the polls today and just laughed...they don't know. You have no idea how many democrats i run into who are not voting for their party this year (me included). this picture does tick me off as an american! how dare he not show respect. he wants to head our country and can't even make a simple gesture.
i too cant wait for it to be all over and we can learn to survive in whatever "democracy" we live in in 8 days. I'm sick of all of it. this is the election that will never end.

Debra said...

It amazes me the disrespect he shows and how everyone just overlooks it!

God help us!

Jessica said...

Hey, it is ok to feel that way. I do too! That is so funny you wrote about being a military spouse. For some reason I never realized you were a military spouse. Don't ask me why, I just didn't! I guess that is just one more thing we have in common! I especially hope McCain will get the people's vote because I know in my heart he will look out for the Military! HUGS!

Scott B said...

Hey! What are you planning for your birthday? I'm going into hiding. You?