Thursday, October 16, 2008


These are free.
To a good, crafty home.
I am going through my craft room, purging.
I have WAY TOO MUCH "stuff".
I thought, "Well, these are timely. Someone will want them!"

So comment, tell me your favorite thing about Fall and I'll pick someone.
There'll probably only be one person, so competition will be fierce.



Peggy said...

My favorite thing about the Fall is: COLORS!

dran said...

They are cute!

My favorite thing about fall is when the yard is totally covered with leaves (raking is overrated, and it looks so much prettier without raking them up!). Also, it is pumpkin spice latte time at Starbucks. And the weather is getting colder!!! :)

Linda said...

*snicker, snicker*....I don't need these (I have them, lol - I THINK someone I know sent them to me...hmmmmm), but I'll tell you my favorite thing about fall ANYWAY...

Clean, crisp, sunny days, with just a bite of coolness in the air...filled with crunchy colorful leaves, brilliant blue skies, and a pumpkin patch!

Jen said...

My favorite thing about fall is the cool air with no humidity!