Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween report

We did Halloween.
Micaela was a princess. Adam was a ninja.
I discovered today that one of her new friends, at Sunday school, told her that being a princess for Halloween was "lame". My poor sweet girl was sooooo worried that people would think she was lame that she was willing just to stay home. Bless her heart! Well, we fixed her hair up, put the tiniest smidgeon of purple eyeshadow (which I didn't even KNOW that I owned...) and of course sprayed her silly with glitter. What is a princess without glitter?

Let me tell you: she FLOATED. She was so happy. And she didn't feel lame at all. Bless all those people who told her how beautiful she looked.

I have only a few pictures of the camera shy Ninja, but he asked not to be revealed. I respect the Ninja. Hope you had fun if you did Halloween. We are now fully stocked with candies that I don't need to be eatin'.


Anonymous said...

Micaela is a gorgeous princess. I can see why she floated.

It cracks me up that he is camera shy when his momma is a

rennratt said...

Your princess is BEAUTIFUL.

Well done, mom.

Anonymous said...

Her new Sunday school 'friend' is lame. Micaela is a princess with our without the costume. Good for her for not giving in.

Berry Patch said...

She made a fantatic princess!!! Beautiful! ;-)

Linda said...

Ah...Micaela would NOT have been lame at Kingdom Fest here...there were princesses and princes, and kings and queens, and crayons and dragons and warriors of all kinds...but the princesses were the prettiest!