Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Math for homeschool

Sometimes, it's hard to motivate kids for math.
Shocking, I know...
Today, we had graphs and place value.....

Add candy to anything and suddenly people are smiling.
I give you, for your consideration, Skittle Math.

The results, as you can see, are quite pleasing. (We were going to do M&M Math but Skittles were on sale..)...and he's NOT posing. He's just that goofy.

I even found a lesson teaching the basics of fractions using HERSHEY BARS!! I'll tell ya, if I had chocolate and Math combined for me as a young girl with fragile x, I might have done a far sight better. (I hated fractions growing up. HATED THEM with a was before we knew about FX in my family..)

Seriously, this is one of the things that I LOVE about homeschooling. Knowing my kids as I do, I know what they like and respond to.

I know I'll be forced to play Skittle Bingo later.....after they brush their teeth.



Berry Patch said...

My kids LOVE Skittle Math. This reminds me that I need to do this again soon. Oh & be sure to check out the fraction one with Twizzlers too. ;-)

ohhollyf said...

We do the M&M's,but it doesn't motavite me. Noah has no trouble the days we work with them :)

Luv thier self portraits !

Holly's Mom said...

So much fun! I love M&M Math, and it is also a great way to teach colors and counting :-)

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