Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mitch Rapp for SecDef

When I read my first Vince Flynn book, way back when, I WAS HOOKED.
Totally hooked.
It's like Jack Bauer on crack.
Mean, but just. Cruel, but mostly fair.
I love Vince Flynn's books.

Did I mention he has a NEW ONE out?? I have not read much lately. Homeschooling is curing me of my lazy days, my bon-bons wither away...

Seriously though...."Extreme Measures" by Vince Flynn will no doubt be as good as his previous books. I am just mad at myself for not paying more attention and the fact that I am #31 in the line to get it at the local library. And I way too cheap to actually BUY a book for myself. (except at thrift stores...)

I am reading "The Gift" right now. It's making me cry. It is a fast read though. I need a book I can sink my teeth into when my teaching day is done. Hurry up, library people....#31 is waiting!!

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Berry Patch said...

Ohhh, a new author. I'll have to check this one out. I love 24. ;-)