Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You know how pregnant women "nest"...?
Well, I nest as Fall storms in. I love Fall, the blustery chilly winds. It makes think of organizing. It's because back in Alaska, I knew I would be spending MONTHS indoors mostly so I wanted things tidy. We had a lot more space in Alaska and the kids weren't as mobile....but still I want things neater.

I am working diligently on the Homeschool Classroom. It's been a Work in Progress while I am finding my Teaching Groove. Well, it's falling into place. Thank God!!

When I saw the Before-After set of pictures at, I was positively green with envy. But I'll be able to do my happy dance sometime next week. If I am not too tired.....

Adam's Halloween costume (a robot) has not been made.
Micaela is in need of a CROWN for her Medieval Princess ensemble.
I JUST bought our pumpkin today, for carving.
I need to buy candy.
AND the kids are MAKING me dress up as the Clown again....Should I do it?


Xena said...

Holy crap, THE PUMPKINS!!! PS-the clown thing...I wouldn't do it, but clowns scare the CRAP outta me!

Linda said...

We just carved our pumpkin, but it was moldering inside...that's what happens when it just SITS for a week (according to my hubby, you can't carve them till just a few days before...sheesh).

Hannah is Queen Lucy and Scotty is King Peter from Narnia-Prince Caspian (the boy wanted to be Prince Caspian, but we couldn't find it - I didn't make 'em this year). Me? Well, I wasn't gonna do a costume, but then I got asked to photograph at Kingdom Fest, so I'll be the Red Queen of Hearts - the dress is from Target and the crown is from my very own Pastor Pat, who said if I didn't mind being the queen of hearts, he'd lend it to me - goes with the dress, so who cares????

You...the clown thing is fun...go for it!

Anonymous said...

clowns scare the wee wee out of me too. we aren't doing halloween here this year :(. We only have 1 kid home and she is banished to her room.