Thursday, October 30, 2008

the non-political politics post

I swore I wasn't going to talk about politics.
I purposely did not watch the Obama infomercial last night. I had better things to do....Although I pride myself on being informed about BOTH candidates, I am just so sick of Obama. Well, it's not just Obama, but the media SLOBBERING all over him.

I fear for the safety of our Nation. And everything that we hold dear. I wish people would WAKE UP and see that they're gonna get what they wish for: CHANGE.

And it ain't gonna be what ya want.....Not at all.
I mean, a natural disaster is change.
And a disaster is what's coming if you elect Obama....

There will be those that say "Oh you Republican hate-mongering, war-waging're just trying to use SCARE TACTICS on us..." Nope. I don't want people scared. I want them engaged, involved and INFORMED.

There is SOOOOO much we don't know about Barack Obama.
Democrats are so fond of saying (about W) "What did he know and when did he know it?" well, why don't they turn that glaring light towards their Chosen One, Mr BO himself.

Remember during the Monica Lewinsky deal, how most women in the USA knew she was "invovled" with Clinton? Their body language was clearly intimate. It was as clear as the nose on my face. I never liked Bill Clinton, even when my good Dem friend Yolanda LOVED him, he always seemed so slimy to me. My mom taught her 4 daughters to follow their instincts. What good are instincts if you don't USE THEM?

My instincts are SCREAMING out...Barack Obama is bad for our country.
He's is PRO-Abortion.
He WILL rasie your taxes (how else will he pay for those welfare program).
He WILL make it harder to homeschool, without govt intervention.
He WILL NOT keep us safe (his own running mate agrees).
He WILL do whatever it takes, tell whatever lie he must, to get elected.
Politicians Lie. That's true, but this man is dangerous.

I read Sue's blog, who is Linda's sister...and she had a GREAT link on there. I share it with you.

Please spend a few minutes, look it over and REALLY THINK about your vote. Mine is not for sale. Not for any price.

When you're thinking of voting for Barack Obama, just remember:
If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Got an e-mail from a reader the other day, saying I should just give up. Why support the guy who has NO CHANCE of winning....blah blah blah. If someone came up to me, a large muscular person who was MUCH bigger than me and started hitting me, I would not just stand there and take it. I would fight back. And hard. That's why I blabber on about this stuff. Because yes, BO is a formidable foe. He has the media, LOTS of questionable cash, and a certain slickness that appeals to folks. But he lacks honor, truthfulness and I find him to be deceitful and downright scary. Yes, I know he might be the next President, and therefore, my husband's new Boss. But still I don't like him. Not one lil bit.

Now, I am done with politics.......for today.


Linda said...

something on the news today flashed about a "dictator" was very early, I was still half-asleep, but my comment to Scott was...well, we'll be a Socialistic country, so it is just right that Obama be called a dictator...that's what we'll have if he's elected.


Jessica said...

I ditto that Suzanne! No matter how bad things may get just try to remember God is in control. "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord..." Proverbs 21:1 Hope that will cheer you up! HUGS!

Berry Patch said...

Well said, no, actually it was excellent. Thanks for keeping it up.

TJ Dillingham said...

you write very well - i look foward to reading more posts; great job on this posting!