Wednesday, October 01, 2008

organ donation

I woke up last night with TERRIBLE chest pains. Scared the daylights out of me.

My mom laughed at me once, when I was pregnant with one the younger ones, I thought I was DYING...I mean REALLY dying. My chest hurt so bad, I thought I was going to pass out. She laughed and said, "It's heartburn." For the record, I've only had heartburn TWICE in my life. Am I lucky or what?

So this pain in my chest (which I still have this morning) made me stop and think:
What if it's more than just heartburn? What if it were something serious? I pray it's not. It does hurt when I breathe deeply. Okay not even very deeply.

So I thought, I'd better write on my blog that I am an organ donor. Just so everyone knows. My husband and I are both organ donors. I think it's a gift that we can all give. It's on my license and I carry a card in my wallet, so there's no doubt: I am an organ donor!

Just thought I would share!


Anonymous said...

I swear we live in parallel universes.... I've been having the same kind of chest pain (but not when I breathe deeply, just in general) and I attribute it to stress, but worry that it's something more. Maybe we both should go check this out with a doctor, because it sounds serious when you talk about it.

SB said...

I'll go if you go.


Linda said...

Yes...I am a donor too...and no, I don't have chest pains (but I did awhile back....)

Anyway - good for you for telling the world you're a donor

Anonymous said...

Your post plus a book I'm reading convinced me I should go to the doctor, so I'll be calling them tomorrow. You?

SB said...

ok fine, you anonymous nag....


I'll call tomorrow, too.

Sheesh. relentless, ain't ya?

What book are you reading? Do tell.