Wednesday, October 22, 2008


With less than 2 weeks to go, the fight continues.
If you watch the media, John McCain should just give up.
If the Media was watching John McCain, they would know that this man is NOT a quitter. I have caught major flack for being a McCain supporter. I'll admit: he's not my first choice. I've gotten e-mails, blog comments (that I don't post because they're filled with obscenities and hate), even phone calls from people driving behind me and getting my phone number off of the advertisement on my back window.
I won't be bullied. And my guess is that John McCain and Sarah Palin won't be either.
I am not suggesting that my candidate is perfect. Far from it.....but he is the one I support. I respect your right to choose whom you support. I just don't get it.....
How can you support a man who thinks this way? I don't get it....
I don't trust Barack Obama. At all.

I saw this video on my friend Barbara's blog. (her blog, MommyLife, always has the best stuff....) so I had to share it with you guys.


FXSmom said...

I can't believe that people get so obsessed with this stuff that they harrass others for their beliefs!

I am a democrat and typically I agree with what the candidate. Since I turned 18 I've never voted for a Republican president...until this year. I just can't vote for Obama. There is no way. Maybe it's cuz I'm growing up and my views are changing but I'm trusting my gut on this one.

Again...I'm so sorry that people are harrassing you. WTG stickin to your guns :)

SB said...

I can take it. I just wish people could be more respectful. I would NEVER go up to someone and say "You're an idiot for supporting your guy." (I might THINK it but I would not yell at people in traffic, ya know?)

Christy said...

That is just disgusting that people would actually CALL you. There are boundaries that have no business being crossed.

The video I too shared on my blog and various other places. What saddens me, disheartens me, and just blows my mind is how some STILL try to justify Obama, this video, and voting for him and it is justifying when you have to keep coming back with "well", but", etc...yet when asked what they disagree with McCain about and why they feel he's the lesser, they actually do not have an answer. So I encourage them to start their own digging, start looking beyond what their local tv stations/news stations (NBC,ABC, and CBS) are telling them and start getting some other views on things.

rennratt said...

This has been the first year that I have actually struggled with the issue of which candidate I would support.

I had an extended conversation with my husband, who happens to be a conservative republican. In the end, he simply said, "Honey, you need to vote with your heart."

So I did. It turns out that, this go 'round, I'm a third party kind of girl.

As I have stated more than once, I don't have to agree with you to love you. I don't have to yell at you, either.