Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

In an effort to change my own attitude, I declare this post to be Thankful Thursday. I want to be thankful for this:

1. Even though every computer in the house hates me and refused to work, I am still glad that I have them. I am also glad that my husband is a Fixer. I will prevail on his kind nature to fix my tech woes....

2. A brand new Aldi opened closer to me today. OF COURSE, I went. It was great. They gave away free bags and goodies. (picture shown is NOT Aldi...)

3. I still have not made these pots. I really need to get crackin' on that...Halloween will be over and done before I make these.

4. it's getting chilly. And I love it. I am big fan of sweaters and wool socks.

5. I am almost done with updating my website. It's the project that never ends.


Jessica said...

I hope you don't mind, I tagged you!

Berry Patch said...

Great list. It's definitely getting colder here. I actually saw (gasp!) snow spitting a bit last night while driving home. My kids were in heaven. Mom - not so much. LOL

Paula Fasciano said...

It is hard to be thankful...but you adjusted your attitude well...want to come help us? We're in broken the last week here's what has broken:
my laptop ( with "just" expired warranty) needs a new LCD panel...$400
Our JBL on stage (plays and charges our iPods)...6 months old and thank-goodness under warranty) stopped working suddenly and had to be shipped back to JBL...$25 shipping
Sirius satellite portable car display...not working...3 yo...$75
I'm afraid to turn anything on in my house!