Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate

1. I admit that I am biased.
2. I think Sarah Palin won the debate.
3. I think Joe Biden did a very good job as well.
4. The debate reaffirms my vote.
5. I like my picture better than any of the ones I could "borrow" from the debate....



Jessica said...

Bummer! I missed it tonight! I will have to watch a rerun of it! Love the pic BTW!!!

Berry Patch said...

So, been to McDonald's lately? ;-) Love the photo (we're still waiting for Robin around here - maybe tomorrow when we hit McD's after N's soccer game).

SB said...

I had an extra "Robin" I could've stuffed it in your book box if I had known just one day earlier!

The Bat is affectionately known as BatMom around here...She's tough and makes kids do their reading.