Wednesday, October 08, 2008

welcome to Flappy Bob's

In a cardboard box, in my room, Adam started his own business.
He calls it Flappy Bob's.
It's a combination burger joint and daycare.
Parents can grab a burger while someone watches their child.
this is funny because Adam has NEVER ever been in daycare. (I am certain on some level he feels cheated by this....)
And I don't know WHY he calls his place "Flappy Bob's".
It is the CUTEST thing listening to him take orders. He would not allow me to videotape him (because it "interferes with my ability to serve my customer, MOM!!" and I quote...)...yep, he's a little Type A.

Hey, Dell started in a garage.
Someday, you'll be sitting in Flappy Bob's...
it could happen......


Berry Patch said...

And when I'm enjoying my burger at Flappy Bob's & someone else is watching my kids, I'll think if Adam & thank him. ;-)

rennratt said...

I wish that Flappy Bob's existed now.

Only I wish it had books and toys and kids to play with...

...and that it served steak.

SB said...

heck yeah! Bring on the steak.