Friday, October 31, 2008

what's shakin' at Balvanz Academy

Still homeschooling.
Haven't lost my mind....yet.
I have learned A LOT in these past 6 weeks about my own kids. Their learning styles, how their brains work, how they get along. It's been an amazing and eye-opening experience.

When we homeschool, I try and have a relaxed attitude. I don't want to FORCE them to learn. I am firm but it can still be fun. It is hard to get it all in, that's for sure. I use many great sources for info (God Bless the internet!) and a variety of websites. I am trying one out and giving me review after a 30-day trial. It's called . It's great so far. I tried Micaela on it first....She LOVED it. I mean, giggly, silly, hollering LOVED it. You'd have sworn Hannah Montana was teaching Math...I will give my honest critique after both kiddos properly screen the site.

Although I don't have picture of this, my favorite time of the morning is during our Prayer Time. I am using a few books, one of which is 365 daily Prayers for Children. They are snippets with valuable lessons. I have each child read the prayer aloud (wowrks on reading and fluency) and we talk as a group about the reading, how it applies to OUR lives, what all God wants for us. Adam is all about SIN. What I mean by that is that if he sees you doing something wrong, for example when I hollered something at a bad driver, Adam was VERY quick to point at that was a sin. He was right and I was properly humbled.

Today we did our classes out of order and I can see that it really bugged Micaela. She was in tears because she's so accustomed to the way we do things. Plus we did MATH (Along with the Fragile x gene, Micaela and I share an abhorrence of Math....)
She struggles with it, just like I did. And I hate that. I wish I could fix it for her. I feel bad, as a Mom, making her do it when I know she hates it. But as a teacher, I have to be firm. Luckily, since I am both, I get to sit beside her, hug her and encourage her, something that she'd NEVER have in a public school setting. I am glad that she's at home with me, learning without fear of judgement or scorn. She's safe here. And she's learning. At her pace. In her own way. And I am glad to be a part of that process.

Adam, on the other hand, is cruising through 2nd grade and eager for 3rd grade. He will pass his sister before we hit the mid-year mark. I am pretty sure he already has. Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to educate Adam at the level he is already at. He is SUPPOSED to be a 1st grade. Him, in a public school 1st grade classroom would have been a joke. He is working on 3rd grade math. And loving it. I can't hold this kid back. He's a voracious reader (like his Momma), he is instinctive and compulsive. I gave him the skip counting worksheet to keep him busy for a few minutes while I worked with Micaela, with the instructions to skip to 100 by 2's. Well, Adam is compulsive. He can't NOT finish something. He HAD TO finish the worksheet till the end. He's just like his Daddy in this regard. Type A much?

Obviously Adam needs a lot of work on things such as HANDWRITING....
(complete Non sequitur: he's NEVER had this much hair since he was a baby. He really needs a haircut...)


Berry Patch said...

It all looks great! It's hard to make our kids do the work they so dislike. My oldest son hates subtraction but can add multi-digit numbers - in his head. ::sigh:: This one keeps me on my toes! As long as they are learning it's all good. :-)

Linda said...

How does Micaela take it that Adam's going past her? It's got to be hard when you have two different learning styles going on at the same time....and you want BOTH to be successful....

(btw, the anal-retentive discalculiac person in me is looking for the skipped numbers... he ended on 204....that means he skipped 2, lol...think he missed 210 and 246

SB said...

He wrote those numbers on a separate paper. He's compulsive.