Thursday, November 06, 2008

ARGH...Pottery Barn

There certain things that I avoid like the Plague..
Pottery Barn is one of them.
Not because I don't LIKE it, but because I DO.
I swear if I won the Lottery (which I don't play) I would have my house look like the inside of Pottery Barn catalogs. I am filled with absurb longing when I look at those catalogs. I used to be the same way about Williams-Sonoma.....
And I was wasting time looking at stuff that I can't buy...truly a waste of my time.
And I saw these:

I am an absolute sucker for plates! Especially holiday plates. I saw these ones at Target today, they were CANDY CANE shaped...oh but I digress.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well, Christmas is THE most important holiday but I have been so disappointed by the Commercial HiJacking of the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is not as hijacked as Christmas, but darn close. (Seriously considering giving up TV for the 6 weeks between TG and New Year's....)

But back to the plates. I am a sucker for plates. I love cute designs. I love different colors. For someone who is a notorious fashion chromophobe, I really let loose with my plates.

But then...I buy then, and don't use them. They're too cute to use.
Am I silly or what? Hey, if you're really nice, I"ll show you my collection of hodge-podge Christmas plates. I keep threatening to have a Cookie Party. Put all of my mismatched plates out on a bright red table and load 'em with cookies and invite everyone I know to stop by and have a Cookie....


Anonymous said...

Someday, you'll have all that you want and so much more Suzanne..... Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

If you have the cookie party I will come... and I'll bring cookies! I have a bunch of beautiful plates too, that I just had to have, and never use them either. Crazy. Maybe this year I will get them out!