Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the Day After.....

My thoughts after watching the US hand over the highest office to a man who is a socialist? A man who scares me?

God is sovereign and will provide.
He is still in control.
Everything is going to be alright.

That is what I know today.
I am not a sore loser. Hey, the Nation spoke. I just wish they'd shut up now.
I thought John McCain's speech was gracious and just right.
Those of who who voted for Obama are probably feelin' pretty good today.
It's an historic day, for sure.
I am blessed to live in this Nation where we get to decide our own leader.
Let freedom ring.

Now....I am taking a few days off. My birthday is this weekend and I am BUSY, busy, busy.


Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for America. McCain may not have won, but there were still 55+ million of us that did NOT vote for Obama. That's a statement in itself. Plus, if you look at the demographics, almost all of America was for McCain with the exception of the big cities that rely on everyone else's tax payer dollars to keep them going. What a travesty to know that there were 62+ million Americans that voted emotionally instead of logically. Logically, there was only one choice, and he did not win.


Linda said...

I was too sick to stay up and find out who won...I thought I might have heard something, but I was sleeping broke my heart to hear this morning...but I'm glad it wasn't a landslide win...goes to show there were a lot of people who voted differently than they may have said at first.

All we can do now is place our faith in God that he will lead us. My friend sent me a note telling me that we often forget that it's supposed to get worse, not better. Here, I believe, is the start of the "worse".

My faith is in God only...not whomever is leading our country.

Anonymous said...

If we don't see you Have a Great Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Thank you for your post. God is still in control. Indeed, the nation has spoken and what they said is that the economy is more important than morality. What this says to me as a Christian is that maybe we have become complacent and comfortable. This is a wake up call to the church to be salt and light and offer the hope that does not depend on manmade institutions or governments. For we know our citizenship is in Heaven and our future has been guaranteed by the One who will never fail or forsake us.

ohhollyf said...

Happy Birthday, May Jesus bless you with His peace, XXXX .

Christy said...

I just pray with all seriousness that we REMAIN a nation that has the right to choose our leader. I'm ultimately so disappointed in our nation. It just disturbs me beyond all reason.

Berry Patch said...

I think a lot of us that voted for McCain will be getting a prayer workout over the next four years. I feel too many voted without knowing the issues - just based on their "gut" or what their neighbor told them or who knows what. At least we know that God is really in control.