Tuesday, November 25, 2008

how to grow a reader.....

I am fond of saying that the energy of a boy is so much different than that of a girl.....it's so true. Since I have been homeschooling BOTH kids, I have learned A LOT about their individual learning styles. Adam is a natural reader.

Micaela has had some difficulty with the whole concepts of phonics. We've made amazing progress since bringing her out of the public school. She has TONS more individual attention and I can sit her, ease her anxiety and go as slowly as we need to.

One of the great things that I have found about homeschooling is the huge variety of stuff you can use! It's not just ONE book, or one curriculum or one approach. I take stuff from all over and incoporate it into our lessons.

While watching TV recently, Micaela saw a commercial (oh no....) for ClickN Read Phonics ®. I will admit that I was skeptical. But we gave their two free lessons a test-drive and Micaela LOVES it. ----I even searched for an online coupon where I saved 10%!! So I can safely endorse this product as well-worth it and fun to use..(If she uses it 4x per week for 40 weeks, it's a mere $0.34 per day!! That is a BARGAIN, especially for something that she has been sooooo reluctant with!)-----

The Worlds Most Advanced Learn To Read Phonics Software Program.
Guaranteed to teach children to learn read or your money back!
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Holly's Mom said...

I was doing some earlier research on How to teach FX kids to read, and they typically have trouble with Phonics, and there is a whole word method that many FX Moms have been sucessful with.. Just thought i would pass that along.