Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am so hungry

I am so hungry....not for food.
But for photography.
When stress hits my life, I take myself out of the equation. I distance myself, I remove myself completely....and when I don't feel well or I am overwhelmed, I do that, too.
Lately I have felt unwell and stressed and outside of everything.....does that make sense?

And while I was sitting alone at my desk, while the sleepiest kids in the world drag their feet, I clicked on Photo Bliss Blissfully Domestic and oh my goodness, I ached to pick up my camera and hit the door when I saw this picture....and the others on the site as well...

In the winter, I will doing a Photo Safari. I can't wait!! I will try and do one with the kids this week, but the weather looks less than than promising. If it were just ME, I wouldn't mind shivering. But having the kids, with my very expensive equipment outdoors in the elements, no thanks.

So meanwhile, I hunger and ache for photography that is just for its own sake.

I have resisted Flickr all this time. It's like a drug, I'll get lost in there. So I just stay away. But over there on my desk, I can hear my cameras, whispering, calling my name. They are just like the Butterfingers, poorly hidden in the 2nd drawer.

Ok, it's official. I am a babbling nutcase today. I'm going to go rouse those lazy daisies and start this day. Otherwise, it'll just start without me.


Berry Patch said...

I can relate, Suzanne. I started using my little Nikon point & shoot digital more than I had been. My poor old 35mm SLR just sitting there doing nothing. Then I pulled it out recently & snapped a couple rolls. Ahhhh, so much fun! Now I want to do it more. Just need to find that all elusive time to do so.

Holly's Mom said...

What a great post... I hope you get a chance to take some photos soon.