Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Saw this on someone else's blog and bawled my eyes out.
This guy is awesome. Truly AWESOME.
You won't regret it....


Berry Patch said...

Wow - that was certainly powerful. I went & watched a couple others with him. Very good testimony.

Linda said...

I've seen him before and love hearing him...he doesn't see himself as a disability...he sees himself as a tool for God. Amen!

Jessica said...

Thanks for that my 5 year old son watched it with me and he was so moved by this man. The wonderful thing about is story is that one day when he goes to heaven and finally is healed the first person he will be able to hug with his new arms will be Jesus! How wonderful will that be! Thanks for the encouragement! God can use all of us all we need is a willing heart and He can work a great work in us! HUGS!