Wednesday, November 19, 2008

just like Sarah's shoes....

When I was tooling around Resourceful Woman Thrift Shop, these shoes called my name.
For full disclosure purposes, I am NOT a shoe girl. Not really. Not even one little bit.
But these shoes CALLED I answered.
I tried them on and pranced around to make sure I wasn't going to break my neck, becaus I'll be wearing these to church and all.....and I don't wanna break my neck in my church finery.....
So I am prancing and walking.....and some nice lady blurts out:
"Those are just like Sarah Palin's shoes....."

I most certainly did buy 'em.....
You betcha. (wink, wink)

Cost of Sarah Palin-ish shoes: $3.50
The thought that I might be wearing something with style: priceless.

(and I did look for a corner in my room that was not all junky. Didn't work out. so ignore the piles of stuff on my desk..ARGH! Can anyone say Stackers Anonymous???)


Berry Patch said...

I'm pretty sure the thrift store has employees walking around just trying to convince you to buy stuff. Not that the shoes aren't cute - they so totally are! I'm just remembering when I was in the local Goodwill a few weeks back & I was convinced by another "shopper" to buy a 100% wool sweater for $7. Awesome deal but wool? I have to dry clean the dang thing or hand wash or something else like that. No clue what I was thinking - except I liked it. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Stackers Anonymous" .... LOL! I need to join that group!