Saturday, November 01, 2008

more politics on my computer!!

I am just minding my business, watching my shows on HULU.
And a BO ad comes on.
Is no realm sacred?
I mean,......HULU.....does this man stop at nothing?

Don't tell me you don't know what HULU is...
It's an online outlet where you can watch TV shows and movies.....for free.
Love it. I am watching two seasons of "Life" now. Looks pretty decent.

ETA: HULU is an online site where you can watch shows and movies for free.
Go to to get more info. Like I said, it's FREE!!


FXSmom said...

nope don't know what hulu is :(. I guess out west we are deprived of the finer

Berry Patch said...

Thanks for sharing. I've saved it to use for future shows. ;-) BTW, I was at my mom's house yesterday scrolling through her Dish listings. There were TWO entire satellite stations JUST for Obama!! Seriously! Ugh!

Linda said...

I'd heard about it, but hadn't been there yet (heard it from LOTD...which I'll bet is where YOU heard it from, lol).

They played a video in church today urging people to get out and vote their hearts and faith...and it made me cry, because I'm afraid of what's going to happen in a few days...I am....