Wednesday, November 12, 2008

movies, movies and more movies

These past few days, my headaches have REALLY taken their toll.
I have been physically ill because they've been so bad. I couldn't really be-bop around the house so I amused myself with my precious Netflix online viewing...I love that feature. I can sit right at my desk and watch honest to God movies.....(If you didn't know this about me, I am a complete movie dork. Totally...)

Today I watched Judi Dench. I love her. I would see any movie she's in. She's just that good. So I watched Mrs Brown (1997) it. I had forgotten that Gerard Butler is in it, too. Did y'all ever see her in Iris (2001/I) ? I cried my way through that movie, too.

One of the things that I like best in my life is that I am married to a man who appreciates a good Foreign Film. He is perfectly happy to watch a good movie in Chinese, Russian, or anything language. We've caught some really good movies this way. Plus he likes British actors. (what's not to like?)

You know what movie I am REALLY looking forward to? Quantum Of Solace (and Judi Dench is in it, too!) (ooooooh yeah....I LOVED Casino Royale. LOVED. IT. I loved that they revealed how broken, tender and tortured James Bond. In my opinion, it humanized him completely. I love a good love story and let's face it: Casino Royale WAS a love story...a shoot-'em-up, exploding love story but it was about LOVE. And I hear that Quantum of Solace is all about REVENGE....)

I am hoping that the pain in my head will just go away. I can't take much more of it, that's for sure! And I can't sit around ALL day and watch movies....or can I?


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Holly's Mom said...

I hope your headache feels better! I am looking forward to the new Bond movie myself, but it will be a while, we aren;t quite ready for a baby Sitter... ohhh.... Unless they play it at the Baby Brigade! Glad you got to have a movie day, those are always fun!