Thursday, November 06, 2008

my day on the cheap

The kids are slowly working their way back into homeschooling. (We had to take Monday and Tuesday off due to illness, and Wednesday was the Field Trip....)

Ugh...I must tell you. *I* did not want to teach today. I have a lack of (good) sleep kind of hangover. I am sluggish and a bit cranky.

But we trudged on. In fact we started on Our Gratitude Journals today. (Confession: we were SUPPOSED to start on November 1st, but I didn't SEE this on CurrClick until last night....) I am doing a Gratitude Journal, as well. I have MUCH to be grateful for in this life. So much goodness....

I went to Target today. Actually I went to the Bank, but my car drove to Target afterwards. It just knows....I did need stuff but I found myself wandering into the 75% Clearance Halloween stuff. Couldn't help it. I did buy some cheap plain old orange dish towels ($0.39 for 4), and a Frankenstein plate ($0.69) and then there was THIS:

The very last CHEAP bag of FunSize Butterfingers. It's fate, I tell ya. FATE! And who says FunSize is a 1 inch Buttefinger? My idea of Fun Size would be like a Volkswagon Bug Size Butterfinger....I'm just sayin'........

And this one, too: (Lately, Adam has been OBSESSED with sucking his his breath to reveal his ribs...what an odd duck he is...He was THRILLED with this -for $1.50- somedays, I'll be WISHING I could make his day for $1.50!) --Sidenote, I will be SO glad when his dad cuts that hair off of him. You know you're a MilSpouse when your son has 1/4 inch of hair and you're hollering, "You need a haircut, son!!"

The day wasn't ALL about candy and Halloween leftovers. We hit Geography hard today and I need a blank US Map. So off to Loudoun Learning we went. I love those ladies. They have great products and funny people. I feel good about spending my $$ there...Look what we bought! (don't even get me started on the placement of Alaska on maps.....)

As much as I would love to sit here and babble all day, and believe me, I could do it, Duty calls. In the form of laundry, and a full dishwasher, and kids that are breaking their personal World Record for saying "Mommmmmmm!"....

Did y'all score any post-Halloween bargains? Don't leave me here, talking to myself, people!!


Berry Patch said...

Just way too much cheap candy - that I'm still eating. So sad really. But you know - SOMEONE had to buy it - might as well be me.
;-) Love the t-shirt!

Linda said...

seriously...they'd have to actually make a BIGGER map, and put CANADA on there so that Alaska was where it belonged...and if you threw Hawaii in there too....oy!