Saturday, November 01, 2008

numbers on a Saturday

the pieces of Halloween candy I have eaten so far.

the number of (slow) readers in front of me in the library queque, waiting for Vince Flynn's "Extreme Measures"....

the number of times today I'd wished I could take a nap.............

number of baskets of laundry I washed today (notice, I did not say folded and put away....ARGH)

the number of days left until my birthday!!

number of days until the new "Bond" movie comes out!!

number of times I've told Jonathan that no, he cannot have a snack....

this IS my life.


Jessica said...

LOL! your last one made me laugh. LOL! My kids have days like that where it seems like they are bottomless pits and swear to myself if they ask me one more time I am going to run to the nearest lake and jump in LOL! Must be growing again! Kids are great :0 )

Anonymous said...

Boy does this sound familiar!! lol

The Other Lion said...

Sounds like the number of times I told Punkin that he couldn't have a hot dog.