Thursday, November 06, 2008

an open letter.......

Dear Lady/Cashier who pitied me today in line at JoAnn's:

I realize that my kids were talking loudly and you were on your cell phone, while trying to ring up my small items. I did hear you when you said that Children should be seen and not heard. When you sneered at me, and demanded to know WHY my kids were not in school, I wish you could have seen the look on your face when I smiled and simply replied, "Because they're homeschooled."

I *am* proud to be their mother and very proud to be in charge of their education. I take it very seriously. And I was very offended that you thought nothing was wrong with asking me if I was "one of those religious Nut Jobs". I believe in Christ as my savior and am not afraid to say it. I am blessed that I live here, where I can legally decide to homeschool AND that I am free to love Christ.

I don't need, nor do I want, your pity. I am NOT stuck with my children all day. I love them. Yes, they drive me a lil crazy. Yes, I wish I had more freedom occasionally. But I am building their character, which takes longer than teaching Basic Math skills, let me tell ya! I am shaping their minds and hearts, to know and love Jesus. To be kind and good people. It's a process. But I wouldn't expect that you'd understand that, given how you couldn't put your phone down for 30-seconds.

This is why I homeschool. Right here. So my son, only 6 years old, knows and believes he should thank God for the blessings of his life. I am humbled. I am blessed, but please do not pity me.

(We are working on improving Adam's handwriting, but his mind works faster than his hands, so in case you can't read it, it says:

Today I am thankful for:

God and Jesus for giving us ** and Mom and Dad.

Can I get an Amen??


ohhollyf said...

Wow what a day ! Alot to be thankful for.

Christy said...


BTW not sure what you're using for handwriting, but I have nothing put praise for Italic Handwriting. Jacob's handwriting for a 7 year old is really very nice and I hope to see Jackson's growing nicely as well, since we just started him with the same curiculum of handwriting.

And I agree, your children will learn so much more by being homeschooled than they'd learn away from you. When God leads you to it, how can we tell him no?

I personally am PROUD to be one of those "Religious Nut Jobs!" LOL

Berry Patch said...


I sometimes wonder what would happen if we turned the tables & asked folks who feel the need to ask us such personal questions about homeschooling similar questions about PS for their kids. ::sigh::

Love the copywork - we are using the same pages this month. ;-)

The Other Lion said...

I just can't understand why people think it's okay to just say whatever comes to their minds, especially at work. Who says that? WHO SAYS THAT? A person on her phone at work, in front of a customer says that, I suppose.

Linda said...

I'm thinking that was HEARTS he said....

And you should TOTALLY have gotten that woman's name, and sent an email to the Joann HQ and complained about how a: she was yapping on the cell and not taking care of her customers, and b: she was rude and insensitive with her 'children should...' comment and c: she was obnoxious when she asked if you were a religious nut job.

Sure, you took it all with a smile, but you don't deserve that and she deserves to be censured for it. Because she'll do it you, or the next homeschool family that comes in. She seems the type that would have made nasty comments had you had Jon with you.

sigh....I detest people like that.

Jessica said...

I think the ** is "Hearts". That was really beautiful! Kids are the best!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how rude people are sometimes. I would be writing a letter straight to corporate about that cashier at Joann's. With your fab writing skills, I'm sure you'd get your point across!