Monday, November 24, 2008

an outing and movie review

Do you girls ever have a hard time finding REAL friends? People you can hang out with and enjoy the moment.....I do. I am certain it's because I am sooooo weird. Seriously, it's tough for me to find people I completely hit it off with. Well, I met Mary through a mutual business contact and we have oodles in common (Both of us are smokin' hot homeschool moms who happen to be dynamic business chicks.{insert racous laughter here}..) The first time we met, we literally closed the local Starbucks down with our fun and laughter. Not only do I now have a cool business contact but a new friend...(aaaaaaaawwwwwwww...........)

All kidding aside, I went with Mary last night to the Olive Garden. We sat next to a table with like 20 older people and our small table was louder than theirs at times....I had so much fun laughing. Then we went to the MOVIES. I am so cheap, it has to be VERY important for me to go to the movies. Of course, we went to see Quantum of Solace . I loved Casino Royale (2006).

So let me tell ya what I thought of Quantum. I thought overall it was a good movie. It was what you expect from a Bond film: violent, people getting shot, lots of chase scenes and twists and turns. But this movie didn't measure up to Casino Royale. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it lacks the human sorrow we saw in the first one. In the first one, you could see his agony, his heart was broken. Personally, I don't think they should have switched directors. The first one was better. That being said, I still liked Quantum of Solace. I just don't think they dug deep enough. I want to see the HUMAN side of the killing machine that is Bond. I wanna see what makes him tick, what makes him cry.
The next movie that I will probably see is Bolt . It even comes in 3D which should tickle the kids'! We might catch a family movie over the TG week, either that or bowling.


Linda said...

I'm jealous of Mary... :p

We saw Quantum on Friday (as part of our anniversary celebration). Both Scott and I were in agreement that, while it was a good film, there was too much "hand-held" camera - scenes where you couldn't figure out who was who, or it was too dark or hurky-jerky to really see anything. And since we didn't see Casino Royale, we feel like we missed something....

Dinner, on the other hand, was AMAZING. Went to a little "store front" restaurant called Della Voce, and the food was amazing and the ambiance was fantastic...just all around great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I do have a hard time finding real friends in the area. I think my carrier quirks can be Actually everyone is going in so many different directions that no one has the same schedule as me. :(

Glad you enjoyed the movie :)

Anonymous said...

I saw it last weekend too. I agree, good, but not as good as the first.


Paula said...

I too LOVE to laugh and am VERY loud! Glad you and Mary had such a good time! I only have a few friends that I could do that with too!

Mary L said...

Wow, not only am I mentioned in your blog, but Linda is JEALOUS of me. Who knew someone could be jealous of ME. Especially your "cosmic sis." *I* wanna be your cosmic sis! :-) Yes, Suzanne and I had a blast. I've been blessed (blast, blessed, get it? sigh...) lately with not one, but TWO friends I just totally hit it off with. Suzanne is but one. This, after a really super dry spell of friends, especially during my divorce. It was pretty much ME. A feast of riches now! Loving your blog, S, and following it now, whatever that means. I learn. I am old (as my niece not-so-friendlyly reminded me on T-Day), but still teachable. When's out next 'do? My T-Day wiped me out, and I am soooo ready. I won't see that dog movie, though.