Friday, November 21, 2008

politics and homeschooling

Went to a local Homeschooling Mom's Night Out last night.
It was awesome, it was just GREAT.
After the main part of the evening, there were a few women who hung out and started talking About, you guessed it, POLITICS....
And we talked about this video.........and how uninformed the voters were.

ARGH!! Blogger hates me today. (Maybe Obama has already taken over Blogger......eek!)
The video in question can be viewed at
You can also see it at Mommy Life, which is my friend, Barbara's site. If you do go to Barbara's site, please pray for her husband Tripp, as he's recovering from medical issues.


Jen said...

You just can't stand that your candidates lost, can ya? Did you do ANY research at ALL to find out who sponsors this website? The guy is a commentator who regularly visits, no doubt the only station your television can broadcast, FOX news ... which is full of people who are throwing tantrums over losing the 2008 election. Wasn't it you who wrote that even though your candidate(s) did not win, you would support your new president? Is this the way you support someone? Of course it is ... you never have learned that there are two sides to every story, and just because someone doesn't have the exact same thought as you, you brand them ignorant and unworthy. For example, not EVERYONE should homeschool their children, Suzie. Hip hip hooray that you have the opportunity to do so ... because you can't see outside your own life, others have to work and can't stay home and hit GoodWill and then use it as a field trip. It must scare the hell out of you to think that one day SOMEONE ELSE is going to be giving your children information ... you can't be with them 24/7 ... they do grown up and will perhaps form opinions that do not match with yours ... God, how that must frighten you.

While you're thinking that through, why don't you run to another thrift store to buy your children something while you spend more money on yourself for the expensive gifts? Do you even stop and read the crap you reveal? You just LOVE to advertise the $2 jacket you bought your kid, but in the next post you'll talk about the $300 vaccuum you bought yourself. By the way, from the look of the pics you post with your house in the background, you may want to try USING the darn thing. I know you'll add a few things to offset the REAL money you spend on yourself ... like the "Sarah" shoes that you'll never wear for a few bucks. Congrats on your thrifty buy ...

Post this, don't post this ... I give two shits about what you do with my post. Oh, of course .. what am I thinking? Of course you'll post it as an example of why you don't have anything to do with your family. How else can you gain the pity of your followers because that, afterall, is the basis of all of your relationships. Let's pity Suzie because she has a special needs child ... let's pity her because she had a stroke one time (and by the way, your "peddling" the whole idea of you having to learn to walk and talk again ... what a fuckin' laugh! I know the truth, and so does your whole family) ... let's pity Suzie because she was in an abusive marriage (so was millions of other women and men) ... let's pity Suzie because her husband is out-of-town and she has to handle the household by herself (and another "by the way" ... stop telling the whole fucking world that your husband is out-of-town! I may not like you and want anything to do with you - but not for the reasons YOU think - but it drives me crazy that you pretend to be Mother of the Year, and then proceed to announce to all pedophiles WHERE you live, WHAT your children look like, and WHEN your husband will be gone. Is that REALLY being a good mother????? STOP AND THINK.

Or don't think ... you're much better at that.

SB said...

Ladies and gentlereaders:

This is my sister. Let's give her a big hand....