Thursday, November 20, 2008

prayer and a giveaway

I went to a Ladies Retreat with the ladies in my church. It was held at The Woods Resort in West Virginia. The drive up there alone is relaxing as you drive up through the mountains. Me, I had my radio cranked up, windows down with the chilly pre-winter hair freezing me. But I was lovin' it....I am grateful to my husband, for taking time off of work to allow me the opportunity to attend.

The retreat is always a racous, relaxed affair. You'd think those two words contradict each other. Nope, these women get together, have a few glasses of wine and relax. And let me tell ya: when they relax, they're LOUD.....(I say that lovingly...) The Spirit was definitely alive in the mountains of WV last weekend.

Sally Hiller was our speaker again. She is a Ministry Team Member for the Southeastern District for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. She is BEYOND fabulous. As many words as I have in my head, I cannot articulate the gift with which God has blessed this woman. She is INCREDIBLE. She seems to peer into our hearts and know where we're struggling. I took notes so I could come home and give a grear review on my blog, but I was too busy soaking it up for my notes to make much sense.

Sally asked us on Saturday what stands in our way of having a better, more productive, more connected Prayer Life. You should have heard the answers!! (I was NOT the only one who said LAUNDRY, people!!) Most of us said distractions, some self-made, others circumstantial. The bottom line, for ME, is that I want a more intense prayer life. My dad used to say that we all make time for what we feel is most important, and dangit, he's right. I have not placed Prayer at the Top of My List. I am ashamed to admit that, but I have to, or I won't change it. I seem to pray as a leftover, when things are rough or when I am especially stressed, or God help me, when I am needy. I have not been faithful.

Well, I'll tell you what.......this weekend OPENED MY EYES. And my heart. Just like the other retreats, I came away so filled, so satisfied, so changed. I wish I could have taken ALL of my girlfriends with me. It's like Women of Faith, only smaller and more intimate. LOTS of tears and laughter. You can't get that many women in one room without crying, you know what I mean? If one gets sniffly, it spread like wildfire.

I truly feel like my heart is bigger. Does that sound silly? I came wanting to share what God had put in my heart. And with that, I come to this week's giveaway. The top reason I heard from other women that impacts with their Prayer Life is time. Where does a busy Mom find the time? Do we cancel the laundry or dinner because we need to regroup with prayer? Nope, we can't do that. I rec'd a copy of this book a few years ago and LOVED it. So when I was out, tooling around the thrift stores, I found a copy and I'd like to give it away to one of my Mom Readers. You don't have to BE a mom, maybe you know one who needs some uplifting. The lil prize pack has some other goodies that I am not tell your friends. Your entry is simply a comment. You can even tell me what you encounter as obstacles to prayer.

I'll run this through Sunday, or until I remember to end it.... :)


Linda said...

*raising hand and waving madly* ME ME ME!!!!

Peggy said...

That's great! I went to a retreat recently also, it was so uplifitng. You are right... when do moms find the time? Well, usually I pray at night before going to sleep.. but sadly, I sometimes fall asleep before I finish. When I am faced with an obstacle of an urgent matter or hear of someone else in need, I will take a minute to pray no matter what I am doing! Even if I am driving - I will pray with my eyes open:)