Monday, November 24, 2008

a tour of Balvanz Academy

Someone asked me the other day what our homeschool classroom looks like, so I thought I would give you guys a tour.....

Things to keep in mind:
* It used to be, and still is, our dining room.
* Our house is very small so we have to make due to with limited space.

Welcome to Balvanz Academy,
Home of the Parent-Educated HomeSquirrels.

if you share a tour of YOUR space, let me know. I love to see where other Homeschoolers are learning!!


Berry Patch said...

Thanks for sharing! Our "room" is the kitchen table. ;-) I have a bookcase nearby with most of our books and a china cabinet with more books - no china though. LOL

SB said...

I am the same way. I didn't show HALF of our books. I love, love LOVE books!

Cheer Mom said...

Very cool. The kids look so involved in their school work too. You're doing such a great job.

Tammy said...

In our last house we were remodeling and had about 850 s.f. to live in, so we homeschooled on the couch. Now we live in a huge house that takes days to clean and we still homeschool on the couch. Nothing's changed except that I have more chores! Appreciate your small spaces while you have them.

ohhollyf said...

Our Kitchen counter which is also our dinner table/breakfast nook is where we attempt to teaach/ learn.
I just bought charts and posters, but since we have one large room as living/kitchen/dinning, I don't feel I can hang school stuff, maybe next year I'll be okay with it?
But, we don't have a room for schooling, most happens on couch to be honest ;)