Tuesday, November 18, 2008

very cool quote

I was reading my newsletter from The Hillbilly Housewife....what? you're NOT subscribed??? Man, you're missin' out, BIG TIME. She's a Godly woman, who shares her wisdom her us. I am blessed every time I read that newsletter...

In her newsletter today, there was an inspirational story and the line that spoke to me was this one:

Miracles happen when we step out in faith and in steps God.

Isn't that the truth? It that time of year, where the wind starts to howl and we dig our winter coats out of a long-forgotten box. And maybe we turn the heat up higher. I am thinking so much these days of those among us who are in need, without the blessings that are so abundant in my simple life. The kids and I have committed our family to giving a lot this year. Every time I get a bag of food ready to take over to Good Shepherd Alliance, I hear that line from that song "I wanna give like I have plenty...." I am not a woman of plenty. I am not wealthy woman, but I am abundantly blessed. And I feel the call to share of myself.

So I ask this of you: look around your community and see if there is someone who needs your help. You might be someone's miracle.

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Christy said...

You know it's funny you should write this. I have diapers sitting here, that honestly I hate. They're the PX cheap ones, that I bought out of desperation one day (not enough cloth ones and I prefer Luvs) and of course the commissary was closed...so anyways I used just a few out of the bag (have two for some reason, different sizes so I guess a couple different desperate moments). I decided a couple days ago to take them to the chapel and donate them to our childcare room. I know there are mom's who like I have rush out of their home thinking they have everything, only to discover once there they hadn't restocked their diaper bag. Even if it is the cheaper diapers, a clean cheap diaper is better than a full, preferred diaper.

We also are going to be going through the boys bedroom and will be donating a bunch of toys to the klinikum (hospital) off post, and we're taking a few toys over to the dentist office, our pediatric dentist is WONDERFUL and in her office she has a toy BOX (cardboard...I'm on the look out for a tote that someone is throwing out that's in good condition)anyways, she has toys but quite a few are pretty beat up, broken, or just old and in poor conition so since my children are above blessed in this department they're blessing others (and themselves when they go to there).