Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I am the daughter and the wife of a military service member.
I try to keep Veteran's Day in perspective.
It's NOT about another sale at the Mall.
It's about sacrifice, plain and simple.
It's about honoring our soldiers.

Here's the lesson that I used to teach my kids about Veteran's Day.
The Story of Veterans Day
We also followed it up with a Q&A on each of the services...(I'd link that but it's a PDF...)

Today, I think about all of the men who served in WWII who are so quickly fading. Their stories will be gone soon. If you have someone in your circle from that era, learn their stories. Keep their memories alive.

I am also thinking about all of the young men and women who served, but never returned, from Iraq. I saw this on MSNBC and held onto my tears until I got the part about "......$0.26........" and then I just started bawling.....

At Arlington, soldiers’ mothers are united in grief

If you know a soldier, thank them for their service to our country. They serve for freedom, for all of us. Our strong military makes our country, and our world, a better place.

Where is my soldier today? Greg is in San Antonio, TX, guesting conducting the San Antonio Symphony. I wish he had taken my Flip Video with him...

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FXSmom said...

I didn't know Greg conducted. too cool :o).

I don't think ANY of the kids were taught about the significance of today...and my oldest has 2 history classes. I would have thought one of them would have at least mentioned it. Disgraceful.