Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we have a winner

Remember the acrylic stamps that I was giving away?
Well, I picked a winner.
It was Christy in Germany from my3gifts.blogspot.com/.
She is a sister in Christ, a fellow MilSpouse, a Mom, a scrapbooker.
So Christy, gimme your mailing address again and I'll shock the world and mail your package out the same day! Argh!!

(Beware: more giveaways to follows. I am furiously ridding my space of stuff I don't need or want....I need it gone!!)


Christy said...

I'm so excited!!!I emailed you let me know if you got it please?!!!

Linda said...

I'm glad it was Christy! Would have been happy if it was ME, of course...but since it wasn't, I sure am glad it was Christy...

The 6-Degrees of separation game: I know you, and I know Christy, and Christy came here through me!