Wednesday, November 05, 2008

whew.....the field trip

Spent all day with a local homeschooling group (LCHE rocks!!)
I arranged a Tour of Ft Myer and Arlington for us.
Well, *I* didn't. My darling husband did. (Thanks Honey!!)

It was GREAT! I love spending time at Ft Myer and Arlington is one of my favorite places in the world. I'd love to tell you that I took hundreds of fabulous pictures but I didn't. I was IN the moment instead of photographing it.

We started our day watching the Nat'l Geographic DVD "Field of Honor", followed by a very intense demonstration of the K-9 unit. (those dogs are FIERCE!) Then we were treated to a live demonstration of the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp. Afterwards, we grabbed some grub at the D-FAC and onto Arlington we went. After watching the changing of the Guard (at the Tomb of the Unknowns), we were allowed into the inner sanctum of the Tomb Soldiers for a Q&A with two of the finest Tomb Soldiers.

Even though I have done this a few times, it's always informative. Always impressive. Always important. I am so grateful to those in service to our great country. Especially my husband.

Now, these were the pictures I will be sharing from today....

Fall is my personal favorite season. Arlington is one my fave places to be. Combine the two and I am in Heaven.

This is one of my favorite crosses at ANC. I love it. It's so peaceful. I have seriously considered researching who's buried there, just so I can know.

This hangs in the first room as you enter the private area of the Tomb Soldiers. These guys are seriously good at what they do. If you ever come to DC, you will want to include Arlington on your list of "Must See".

God Bless our troops. They serve selflessly and admirably.
I am blessed to know, and love, my Soldier.


Berry Patch said...

I was able to go to DC years ago when my sister graduated from college (University of Baltimore). The father of the guy she was dating was in the miliary & took us on a tour of DC. It was fantastic. I remember Arlingon as being one of my favs there & we saw the changing at the tomb of the unknowns. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go back east and see it. It is so important

Casdok said...

Yes God bless the troops. Thank you for sharing with us your piece of Heaven.

pucklizard said...

Wow, thats awesome that you can take the kids to a place so important.