Sunday, December 14, 2008

Balvanz Family 1: Mouse 0

Remember me telling you guys that there is a MOUSE in my kitchen??
I will be the first to admit I am not a clean freak.
We went through a phase in the summer with sugar ants.
But mice?? That creeps me out....but after talking to the guy at Nichols Hardware Store - A Purcellville Virginia landmark, he tells me that it's common around these parts...(If you come to P'Ville, YOU MUST SEE NICHOLS HARDWARE. It's a throwback to a different era..)

COMMON?? Mice, or even one mouse, freaks me out.
It does. I like to think I am tough, but a mouse quickly turns me into a typical, standing on a chair, hollering girl. I admit it freely.

Well, after breakfast was over, Greg was out the door headed to the White House, I was sitting down ready to clip my Sunday coupons.....and Micaela comes storming in, all excited and flustered, stuttering that she'd heard it snap! (Greg showed them just how sudden and strong the clasp of a mousetrap is so they wouldn't play with it.....) I doubted her and said it was probably the dishwasher....

But then I begrudgingly pulled over the drawer from which the noise came. Lo and behold, one very dead mouse. And my kids were THRILLED.....I mean, jumping up and down, hollering.

Then Adam blurts out, "Hey Mom, want me to get your camera so you can put it on your blog?" I love that kid... But even *I* have standards. I am not going to put a dead mouse on my blog. It's bad enough that it's in my kitchen.......All I can think of is "did he have friends? did he come alone?"

This was enough excitement for one morning. I have to find something decent to wear to a afternoon cocktail type party at Greg's Boss' house today. Greg has it easy. He can just wear his uniform. I have to actually THINK about what to wear......But before I go to the party, I will be finishing up some shopping at CVS/pharmacy. I saved my Extra Care Bucks for gifts for the kiddos (I have $67.00 to spend on them, which includes a $25.00 gift card from CVS for a new prescription..) If you DON'T know about CVS go here: Money Saving Mom: CVS 101 and see what I am blabbering on and on about....
Have a wonderful day!!


Jen said...

We've also had a few mice...they head straight for the pantry--GROSS! I've been using the cheap plastic traps that don't kill them; I can't stand to see mouse guts! I wasn't sure when I bought the traps if they would be any good, but I've caught 3 so far. Hopefully, that's it? The only thing with those traps is that after I catch one, I have to get in the van and let it go somewhere. I don't want it anywhere near the house!

FXSmom said...

hooray for eliminating another disease ridden vermin :)

Berry Patch said...

Oh I feel for you - I really do. We have a horrid mouse problem here but it comes with the change of seasons (wnter & spring). We just took out a bunch - far too many for my liking that's for sure!

Christy said...

Thankfully no mice so far in the years we've been married, but growing up when my parents were building their house (well the house I spent my teenage years in) we lived in a mobil home for 2 yrs (behind where the house was being built)...anyways one year a RAT, yes a RAT got into the trailer. My mom SCREAMED like I'd NEVER heard any human scream before! She trapped it under an empty coffee can and oh just thinking about it gives me chills all over! Ewww! I do not recall how she got rid of it. I "think" She managed to get the lid UNDER the can and trapped it and I "think" she just left him in there. I am SURE PETA would have a fit...oh well! LOL I know he ended up dead, I DO remember that clearly! LOL

The other mouse incident (it was an actual mouse) was many years before, we rented a wonderful (seriously we loved the house) house and my mom was getting ready for work and did not have her glasses on. She was standing in the bathroom at the mirror and felt something go over her foot, and then go over it again. She put on her glasses and there he was..."standing" up looking at her. She screamed then too, but not as loud as the rat scream! I know she said she killed it, but not sure how! LOL Oh and I'm all for DEAD mice and rats...they're like snakes..only good when they're dead! LOL

dozenhalls said...

Unfortunately, mice are at the other end of Pville too stalking my family. I suggested we set 45 traps but apparently half dozen will do. They like Christmas trees! Who knew?
Hooray for CVS! My favorite store :) Happy deal hunting!