Sunday, December 21, 2008

the Christmas story by Glenn Beck

You guys who have read my blog long enough know that I love Glenn Beck.
Why do I listen to him? He's a shining example of blessings, ambition and doing the Right Thing. That and he's as funny as all get-out.

You can listen to the Glenn Beck Program on your local radio station or online (I listen online mostly because my radio in my kitchen is moody and gets all static-y after 5pm, just as Glenn Beck's show is coming I listen on AM 930 WFMD Online.

Every year he tells the Christmas Story. I love it. He's a masterful Storyteller. And he included the link in his free e-newsletter.

The Real Story of Christmas With all the PC influences that surround this time of year (like the Santa Goes Green play that we mentioned yesterday) it can be easy to lose sight of why -- and what -- we're supposed to be celebrating. On today's program, Glenn played The Real Story of Christmas. Free Audio: Listen here. Read the transcript here.

Warning: This audio is NOT PC and does include references to Jesus, and absolutely no mentions of global warming.

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Suzanne said...

I really think well of Glenn Beck too! I listened and it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. May your family have a blessed Christmas and keep close to the hearts of the little Holy Family always. Suzanne