Thursday, December 04, 2008

the coolness that is my husband's job

I rarely talk about my husband.
Not because I don't unabashedly adore him, but because he's (gasp) shy.....and I think he gets all weirded out when I talk about him...He says he doesn't, but I err on the side of caution.

I am immensely proud of his service. I didn't know much of anything when I married into the military, and I will say this: he has taught me well. There is a learning curve, but I think I've done pretty well. Well, I haven't embaressed myself at a military function in a long while, and I've never ended up on YouTube...but have faith: his RCO's Holiday party is coming up soon....

The job Greg has is pretty darn high on the Cool Points chart. He is the Commander of the Old Guard Fife and Drum can learn more about them here: The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps :: Welcome!

And if you're really into Fife & Drum Corp, you'll be pleased to note: 2009 Calendars Have Arrived Click here and register to receive the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps' 2009 Calendar. Become part of the tradition by proudly putting it on display in your home or office! And tell 'em you found them through me....(I need to get one for myself for the Homeschool room.....)

What prompted me blabbering on and on about FDC and Greg? He sent me this link, which I thought was super cool....

Not only do you get to see Laura Bush (who I admire a great deal, she's such a class act) but you get to see the Old Guard Fife and Drump Corp made out of white chocolate.
(as a side note, Greg tells me that his Boss is starting a blog. -very cool- but what on earth would I say if his Boss found MY blog? How does one handle that??)


Anonymous said...

so are you saying that your hubby is about to be white chocolate!! :)

SB said...

He wishes....although I don't think he digs white chocolate. (I know *I* don''s not real).

Nonetheless, my hubs is a NON-performing member of the Unit. He's the Boss. He gets all the glamour and hard work that comes with it. He marches with them in big parades, such as the upcoming Inaugural. He does other stuff, too. But in this Unit, as otehr commands he's held, he does not perform with the Unit.

Christy said...

That was one awesome "Ginger Bread" house!