Friday, December 19, 2008

he started it.....!

Jonathan is a bit growly today.
which means he will find himself stuck with me and the wee ones

(it's a contest to see who will lose their mind first...good money is on me!)

All kidding aside, it's a break in his routine and Jonathan hates changes in his routine.

It's a fragile x thing: changes in routine, transition, oh the fun.
I will do my best to entertain him but it's tough finding an activity that is inexpensive, and fun for all three kids.

Maybe we'll go walk around the Mall and people watch. I like people watching with Jonathan. He makes the funniest comments about people. We went to Target one night and some lady was staring at him, and he throws his pretend Cher-hair back and says, "I know I am beautiful. I can't help it..." I laughed so hard! It's something he picked up from Greg. Greg says that to him when Jonathan stares at him....

I saw this news story on DRUDGE REPORT 2009® which is the first thing I usually click in the morning......and I think it could would make a nice gift for Jonathan (joking)

If I bought this for the J Man, he would eat his clothing......I just know it.

Last time I posted something about Jonathan, I rec'd a nasty-gram, accusing me of making fun of him. Let me say this: I would hurt someone for hurting my son. I would defend him with my last breath. I am the Ultimate Fragile X Mother Bear, if you know what I mean....That being said, I laugh at him, too. He's a funny guy. He has an amazing sense of humor with great deadpan comedic delivery. THAT is what I laugh at. I am a tireless defender of those unable to defend themselves. I have been his voice for two decades, and am proud that he can stick up for himself now, too. Shoot, just a few months ago, I accompanied my husband to a Hail & Farewell (a lil party where people welcome/say goodbye to soldiers to the Unit) and with my super-bionic Fragile x hearing, I heard some guy call someone else retard (repeatedly). That makes my blood BOIL like nobody's business.....I flew across that yard and read him the riot act. I don't tolerate mistreatment of my son or others like him. That's a no-go in my book. But dear Nasty-gram writer, thanks for looking out for my boy. He's a great kid....

Pardon the less than crisp picture. I had to take it fast while he was willing. He LOVES Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. (click that link for some cool printables!) Jonathan does the Grinch voice very well, too. How many of you fragile x parents out there notice just how amazing our kids are at copying accents....? It's a gift!!


Catherine said...

Suzanne, I am waiting to see what you got everyone for Christmas. Your budget is incredible, and you always get the most wonderful things. Such creativity.

Jonathan is the sweetest looking Grinch of all!

Anonymous said...

You have more guts that I do. When I hear people say "retard" my blood boils as well, but I never say anything (okay, once I did, but I said it quietly). I wish I had the nerve to confront those people like you do. You go girl!

SB said...

not guts. Just mindless rage. I cannot allow people to talk like that. Makes me crazier than someone chopping, cracking, smacking their gum (and if you know me, that is a BIG deal...)

I have a lot of nerve..Too much sometimes. Can't help it. it's the equivalent of the "N" word to me.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I know all about the voices. Matty is slowly starting to come out of a phase where he was copying other family members laughs. And there are times that I don't know if it's him or my baby girl talking because he can sound just like her!!