Friday, December 05, 2008

it's FRIDAY!!!

We do this thing in our house.
You have to say ,"It's Friday, baby" in your best Austin Powers voice....
and then someone replies, "It's the weekend, baby...."
Now aren't you glad that I shared that?? hehehehe....

Speaking of sharing, the other night I went to an event at my church.
You can check out my church here: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Reston - Home It's a great church if you're lookin'. It's a big church but it has a small church feel to it. Seriously, you know what I mean? Our church is blessed and warm. If you're nearby, I'd love to have you as a guest.

Anyhow, our church hosted Ellie Lofaro and Kathy Troccoli for "An Evening in December". Since I live in the cave of homeschooling and SpEd madness that is my life, I had not heard of these two ladies before. When I said that aloud, people looked at me as if I had a third eye....Go figure...... Just in case you're stuck in a cave, here's more info on them.


Let me just say..I had a great time. I was tired when I arrived. I wore shoes I shouldn't have. It was my husband's birthday and I left him at my home with the kids....and I went to see these ladies talk and sing. It was worth it....

On my gosh.....That Ellie Lofaro...oh my gosh, she made me laugh so hard. I was almost know what I am talkin' about....? She's so down to Earth and FUNNY. My mom would love her, because she talks with her hands. She's gifted, that's for sure.

And Kathy had I not heard that amazing voice? Man oh man, can she sing. The room in our church where they sang seats 500 comfortably and she probably didn't even need the mic. Her voice is so powerful.

She sang this song and I immediately started crying. There I am, clutching my camera, with tears just pouring down my face....such an amazing gift that God has blessed her (and us) with.

I will definitely seek out opportunities to laugh at whatever Ellie Lofaro is talking about, and now that I have heard Kathy Troccoli, I will buy some of her songs with my iTunes gift cards. If you have the chance, go see them.


Berry Patch said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time! And just remember..."It's Friday Baby!!" ;-)

Linda said...

Oh saw Kathy Troccoli? Lucky you! She is amazing, isn't she! You had a good time, I'm happy for you. I look forward to a good time like that soon...I hope!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. It's the feeling you get when something just feels right. You know what I mean?

Suzanne said...

Kathy T does have a blessed voice.